My First Stalker!

My first stalker!

My first stalker!

Look at me! I had my first stalker come to visit. Her name is Martha. Of course, she was really a stalker of Garibaldi but she has managed to squeeze some extra affection out for me. She came all the way from California. She says it was to “visit family.” Whatever. We all know what the truth is.



Driftwood is always trying to hog the limelight. Sure, he’s a cute kitten but people don’t come all the way from California to visit him, do they? I think not.



Naturally, there are introductions to be made. I had to sniff Marth and she had to scratch me. I think we both liked it. Martha smelled nice, in a human kind of way.

She's learninig

She’s learninig

Martha was actually a quick study on capybara scratching. I think she must have learned it from watching videos of Gari and Wesley and Fiona. You can see how well she did at scratching my belly. There’s a real art to it. Also, I’m chewing on one of Driftwood’s torys. We share everything.

Head on!

Head on!

Martha liked it when I climbed on her head. MelT says that when I get bigger, people won’t like this. I think they will. Also, I am still carrying Driftwood’s toy. Cats get the best toys.

I'm back!

I’m back!

As I said in my Cuteness Test post, when I walk on people’s back it is just like one of ¬†those masseuse with tiny feet. Only my feet aren’t tiny.

Hair extension

Hair extension

I think everyone would like to wear me on their head. It’s hard to balance up there though. Also, where’s my food bowl?

YouTube Preview Image

You should really watch the video if you have any plans of visiting me at all. This will give you some pointers on how to treat a baby capybara.



5 comments to My First Stalker!

  • Looks like Martha passed the test!
    What adorable pics.
    Have a great weekend!

  • rosenatti

    Martha has prostrated herself before the Capy God, as is customary.

  • Ann Bednarek

    Wow Mudskipper is so cute! Love the pics and video. I can’t wait to visit and get some Capy love.

  • Joann Granata

    Ive become obsesses with Cappys since coming across your videos on youtube. I am a flight attendant for American Airines & was wondering if you have ever flown with one of your Cappy’s … as you may or may not be aware they can be designated as support animals ( vet can give you papers) and then they dont have to be put in cargo… And i must say although the ramo guys that handle the animals in cargo do everything to protect the animals inevitably they are exposed to loud noises on the ramp poor animals dont have those great big headphones to protect them from the engines roring ….

  • Mingles' Mommy

    Instructions on making a baby Capy happy: Lay on floor. Let Capy do whatever he/she wants.

    Works for me!

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