My First Tricks

Sit is one of my tricks

Sit is one of my tricks

Hi again! Mudskipper here. Hope you havent been waiting too long for my blog post. This will be worth it though. I’m very cute in this one.

For such a little capybara I know a lot of tricks. They are all tricks to get MelT to give me a treat. She’s a pushover for such things.

In the photo above, you can see me sitting. That is one of my tricks but I’m not really doing it in the photo. I’m just sitting so I can enjoy a beautiful day in the sun.



This is me standing. That was probably my first trick. I’m not doing it in the photo though. In the photo I’m just begging my friend Clarissa to give me a treat. That is what all tricks are for but in this case it’s more blatant.

YouTube Preview Image

Video of all of my tricks

I hope you’ll watch this short video of my doing all of my tricks. MelT says almost no one watches my videos. I’m embarrassed to say that I just might not be cute enough.

YouTube Preview Image

Me and my treat ball

If you made it past that first video, even if you didn’t watch it, you might enjoy this video of me playing with my new treat ball. It’s very short. It’s not exactly a trick but it’s kind of like one.

MrlT is trying to get me to do two more things: down and up. Very contradictory. I’ll have to give it a lot of thought before I decide to do either one of them.

Speaking of which, I am totally winning on both walking on a leash and going in the water. I’m not sure I am ever going to do either of those. MelT keeps insisting that I am “semi-aquatic.” I think she’s more semi-aquatic than I am.

19 comments to My First Tricks

  • Donna

    I always love Muddy videos. You sure are cute.

  • mary lee stropes

    Well that is so darn are a smart little capy and smart too.I love watching you perform and I think when it warms up you will like the water much better. And I love your treat ball…it matches your harness…Good job buddy and looking forward to more adventures.

  • e

    Charlie the Cat enjoyed the videos!

  • Dawn

    Great job on the tricks, MS. You’ll have MelT fully trained and obedient in no time.

    Not cute enough? Don’t be silly. Just promote your videos on social media and people will watch them. I could watch them all day, but most people won’t sit through a long one. These are fine.

    Love the catbomb.


  • Alex

    You are the very cute capy! Brand new and smooth 🙂

  • ladyclodia

    I always watch your videos, Muddy! You’re adorable! And very talented!

  • francine

    These are exceptional tricks! I don’t know about your videos half the time because stupid stupid facebook doesn’t show me all the IMPORTANT posts.

  • Such a good, smart boy!

  • Margaret

    Wow! You have learned a lot!

    BTW – I was watching this with Ginny (one of my guinea pigs) and now she wants a treat ball.

  • Kristy

    Muddy, you are such a talented little capy! Another great video, like always. I think you should teach driftwood a few of those tricks 😉

  • Ann Bednarek

    Oh my sweet Little Mud. I enjoy all your videos. You are so cute and sweet. I love your smooth shiny coat and those beautiful eyes. You are also very smart. Your teaching MelT all kinds of tricks. I love you! XXXXXXX

  • Rawil

    You are doing so good, Muddy! So cute!

  • Fred Ross

    Wow, are you getting BIG, Mudskipper, and smart as a whip, too! Karen and I enjoy watching you grow up (rapidly!) and master new tasks. Do you “eep” yet to show how happy and proud you are to have such good humans taking care of you and teaching you?

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  • Cut it out, Skip. You’re making me look bad.

  • Stephanie

    Good tricks, Muddy!!

  • Mingles' Mommy

    I always try to watch the videos… sometimes it takes a while before I have the time to enjoy them, though! This little capy is such a cutie!

  • Heather

    In the first video it looked like Driftwood was sitting down to do some tricks with you!

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