In Memoriam : Chico Wren

Chico Capybara was a gentle giant

Chico Capybara was a gentle giant

A Melanie’s Mondays post

Losing a pet is always difficult. Losing a capybara is devastating, especially one as sweet and loving as Chico Wren. At three years old, Chico had already captured the hearts of people around the world. His recent appearance on Inside Edition testifies to his ability to enchant an audience.

Capybara sitting with large family of humans

Chico’s extended family

Chico was adored by his human family as well as their many other pets. He was great with children, often sharing his pool with them.

When Chico became sick, he was rushed to Texas A&M’s veterinary clinic where he was found to have an abdominal mass. Immediate surgery was required. Although we all hoped for the best, surgery revealed that Chico was suffering from invasive metastatic cancer that reached throughout his body. His life was ended without ever recovering consciousness.

As you can imagine, Chico’s treatment was very expensive. Although the veterinary college at A&M is much more affordable than most private veterinarians, even while providing exceptional care, all of the diagnostic tests, the surgery, and the subsequent necropsy added up to a considerable bill. That is what the ROUS Foundation is for.

The ROUS Foundation provides financial help for veterinary costs for capybaras. We provide free necropsies to determine cause of death and we subsidize laboratory tests and procedures done at private veterinarians. Another service of the RF is to gather various data on captive capybaras. For example, what anesthesia procedures to follow, and typical growth rates.

All of the ROUS Foundation’s work goes to improving the quality and longevity of captive capybaras. In Chico’s case, the RF will be covering the majority of his veterinary costs.

Please make a tax deductible donation to the RF. Even a donation of $10.00  will help make the lives of captive capybaras healthier and happier.

Thank you for your help.

6 comments to In Memoriam : Chico Wren

  • jackie wren

    Many, many, heartfelt thanks for sharing our baby. We are devasted to lose our family member Chico. So much more research is desperately need to help all capybaras.

  • Carl Hobi

    I am so happy that my ferrets and I got to meet Chico. I was absolutely amazed at how sweet and cute Chico was. There are a million wonderful things I could say about him. I only met him once, but he is in my heart forever. And I just feel so sad for Jackie Coleman Wren and her family for losing such a sweetheart. Thank you ROUS Foundation for all that you do.

  • Nancy Ray

    My heart goes out to the Wren family–I’m so saddened to learn of your loss. Although I didn’t get to meet Chico, I have watched his videos and admired his beautiful pictures. Capybaras are such charming and appealing creatures and this is an unimaginable loss. I shall make a donation to the ROUS Foundation in his memory.

  • Andree Wheeler

    I am so sorry to hear about Chico’s passing away. Thank you for sharing those wonderful videos of him. Our prayers and love to the entire Wren family. Rest In Peace, beautiful Chico.

    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wheeler,
    Woburn, MA

  • Francine

    I was horrified to see Jackie’s announcement on Instagram. To lose precious Nathan, and now Chico, is devastating. This year’s ROUS donation is dedicated to Chico.

  • Keith

    I ran across the videos of Chico back in mid February 0f 2019. I instantly loved sweet Chico from the first video I watched of him on the couch, and swimming in the pool with the children. I was so heartbroken to find out today what happened. I honestly cried just as if I’d lost my own pet. Chico was so special and was very blessed to have such a loving family, and anyone could tell that Chico was your family and loved as a member of your family. God bless you all for giving him a wonderful life and for sharing him with us who loved him. I’m a believer and I personally believe that we will be reunited with our beloved pets in heaven one day. I prayed for God to take good care of Chico. He’ll be missed and I’m thankful we can still watch his videos. I’m planning on getting a pet Capybara one day soon, and I hope he will be just like Chico. We love you and we’ll miss you so much, Chico. We’ll look forward to seeing you at the Rainbow Bridge one day. You all have my prayers and condolences. God bless you all.

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