Day into Night

Is it safe yet?

MelT has been warning me about something called a “solar eclipse.” She says the moon is going to go in front of the sun and block out all of the light, or maybe just most or it. Or at least some. She’s pretty unclear on that.

Anyway, she told me not to look at the sun during the eclipse. Isn’t that during the day? I’m planning on being in bed. She says it will get very dark. You mean like during a storm only with no thunder? She said not to worry, the sun will come back!

Wait a minute! You mean the sun might NOT come back? WE’LL ALL DIE! Without the sun it will get cold and I might freeze to death. I do not like the cold. Without the sun, my grass won’t grow and I’ll starve to death! I like food! Without the sun, my pond won’t warm up during the day so it’s nice for swimming at night. I like swimming!

The sun just has to come back! I need it!

Now I think I’m going to have to watch to make sure everything turns out okay! Do you think a jaguar is doing this? They are terrible, terrible animals you know. They eat anything, including capybaras and now the sun!

Okay, I suggest everyone stay at home. Keep all of your lights on. Turn on the heater. Bring your plants under the lamps so they will grow. MelT says we will get through this, but now I just don’t know.

Sun, please come back! Fight that jaguar off!

Please post a comment so I’ll know if you survived or not.

7 comments to Day into Night

  • Debbie

    Don’t worry Skipper! The sun is coming back. Annie sang it best… bet your bottom dollar ther’ll be sun! ☀️☀️

  • Sandra

    You are starting to sound like Chicken Little who said the sky is falling in. Don’t worry, just do what MelT says and you will be fine. The best thing for a capy to do is sleep during it …

  • Awww Skipper! Don’t worry, the sun will come back. You’ll be back in your warm pond in no time. I promise. Maybe ask for a few extra treats though. For the trauma of worrying about the sun I mean.

  • Judy

    The sun will come back. You are going to be safe. Just listen to Mel T. She knows what is best for you . MelT is correct do not look at the sun on monday unless you have special glasses. I do not have special glasses so I will be tak8ng MelT’s advice. Love you Skipper ❤❤

  • Edward

    I would not put this past a jaguar.

  • Nancy Ray

    The eclipse is over now, and I’ll bet you did just fine! I hope it didn’t even interrupt your nap. You’re getting to be such a brave girl now.
    Sleep tight; don’t let the bedbugs bite!

  • It was very bad here, but I am fairly certain I am still alive. The problem here is alligators: my pool is full of them.

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