Stalkers from Australia

Four people gather around a bed where a pet capybara is resting

No one respects my privacy

The other day, August 5th to be exact, I had some stalkers — I mean “visitors” — from Australia come over. Their names were Steven (hat), Zach (plaid), Lauren (dress), and Henry (white shirt). Their names are so boring! I thought coming from Australia, which is like all the way around the world and on the bottom to boot, they would have cool Australian names like Kookaburra, Nightshade, and System Failure. Those sound like good Australian names to me! Lauren was their Uber driver so she’s an American from Austin. Still, she could have a name like Cylinder. Wouldn’t that be fun. Short for Master Cylinder. But no, they had regular American names.

Welcome to my humble home

After they interrupted my nap, there was no point in not getting up to entertain them.We had a nice little chat where they told me how amazing and beautiful I am. I blushed a little. I tried to return the complement but it is a real stretch to call any human either amazing or beautiful so I just eeped instead.

People petting capybara with white and black cat on coffee table

Those are my treats, Driftwood

Honestly, I love Driftwood. He is a great cat. Really great. I could even say he is both amazing and beautiful. But he’s always thinking that my treats belong to him. Sometimes I let him have a few but he is just a little too pushy about it. Kookaburra is feeding me some of MY treats in this photo. MelT told him to only give me one at a time. I hate her for that. Okay, hate’s a strong word. I am furious with her for that.

Capybara climbing onto coffee table

Hello there!

One of my stalkers, System Failure, was having trouble warming up to me. As any good host, I made a special point to involve him in the conversation. You can see all of him in the photo but rest assured that the rest of him was still there. I didn’t bite him in half or anything.

Capybara standing up to bed

Anything for a Temptation

Do you see how I was on my very best behavior? MelT says I don’t look any cuter than this. And Driftwood wasn’t even watching! Believe me, he could use a lesson or two. Mamba doesn’t even do that much since he won’t come out when people are here. Actually, Mamba’s pretty smart. But I do get treats and he doesn’t.

Capybara standing on a chair

I was on my best behavior

I don’t do this trick very often so I hope Kookaburra appreciated it. I could hear Nightshade, Cylinder, System Failure, and even Driftwood  all gasp. Of course there was nothing to worry about. My balance is very good, I would never tip that chair over. People almost never stand on chairs. They are too clumsy.

Man holding out plastic hanger over the water so a swimming capybara can grab it.

My last trick

That’s not really a trick, it’s a game. Kookaburra wasn’t too good at it, actually. He wouldn’t get in the water. I could have jumped up and grabbed that hanger with my teeth, but I’d already had a tiring day.

I am getting better and better with stalkers. I am not nearly as afraid of them as I used to be. Still, caution is the better part of valor. Or something.

Do you ever have stalkers visit? Do they give you treats? Are they from Australia? Do they have interesting names?

7 comments to Stalkers from Australia

  • Linda

    Thanks for sharing your stalking experience. Those guys are much more successful stalkers than I am. I am jealous that they got to visit with you and I can’t. You are a amazing and beautiful capybara for sure!

  • MicheleM

    It sounds like you had a lovely visit. And I adore the “Australian” names you gave your stalkers. I mean visitors!!

  • Debbie

    Skipper, you are a brave Capy and are very hospitable to stalkers! I stalk you too through your blog and Facebook. you’re just so adorable and interesting! You have lots of fans and you’re very kind to put yourself out there.

  • Judy

    Skipper Rous you are a beautiful capybara. You are also very nice to your stalkers . Glad they brought you treats. It is a good thing Mel T only allows you one treat at a time other wise you might choke if you ate too many at one time. MelT loves you.

  • Dawn

    MelT is correct (amazingly): that is the cutest of your cute poses.

  • Nancy Ray

    Skipper, What a great job you did when your latest stalker visitors came to see you! And all the way from Australia, too! You’re getting to be a big lady now, but don’t worry–you always have MelT there to help you. I love the special names you gave these visitors because you’re right, they should have real Australian names! Take good care of Driftwood and MelT, okay?

  • Stephanie L

    Loved your story about the Australian “stalkers” – you are world-renowned!!

    I’m going to start “eeping” at people when I can’t think of anything nice to say 🙂

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