Hurricane Harvey

Image capture from Weathe Channel Ap show in rain and floating cars

The weather in Buda

I didn’t know storms could have names, but apparently they can. This storm was something called a “hurricane,” and it’s name was Harvey. (Not a great name, if you ask me. Which you didn’t but I’m telling you anyway.) MelT says the forecast was for rain with a chance of floating cars. Since MelT can’t drive, we didn’t get to see any floating cars. She seems to think they would be a bad thing. I’m not fond of cars, floating or not.

Skipper Rous looking out from the porch at the rain

Watching Harvey

After a while, even I get tired of rain. It lasted for days. Luckily, I have a big porch were I can sit and watch. Then, when I feel like it, I can run out to my pond or check the other side of the yard to see if it’s raining there. I think the grass is always greener on the other side of the yard.

Skipper Rous drinking from a puddle


The grass wasn’t growing right then because MelT says it takes a few days. BUT, there were some amazing puddles! They taste good, too! 

Skipper Rous walking in the rain

Heading for the porch

I decided to head for the porch to see if I could get Driftwood or Mamba to come out with me.

Hey, Driftwood!

When I got there, I found Driftwood hiding behind one of the porch columns. He seemed afraid of the rain, which is crazy. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen his fur wet. Weird.

Skipper Rous standing behind Driftwood the cat as Driftwood comtempages leaving the porch and stepping into the rain

Think about it

I tried to talk him into it. I have to admit, he gave it some serious thought.

Hurricane watching

He decided not to go out, but he sat with me for a long while watching the rain. It’s not as good as running around in it. I tried to tell Drifter that but he ignored me.

Skipper Rous watching cat, Driftwood, walk away


After a bit, he decided he’d had enough and went back to hide under a patio chair. Those chairs are delicious, by the way. Driftwood won’t even try them.

Skipper Rous eating a piece of corn in the rain

Dinner in the rain

After Driftwood left, MelT brought me some corn. She set it out in my usual dinner area so I had to stand in the rain to eat it. That wasn’t so bad but the corn got a little soggy. I don’t know how Dobby Winnick handles soggy food. He lives in Seattle where I hear it rains every day, if not more often. I don’t do very well with so much rain, I like the sun too.

Chickens in a covered run during the rain

Chickens have a cover

My chickens really don’t like the rain because they weren’t even happy with their covered area! Really? Chickens are such wimps.

Skipper Rous standing in the sun

The sun came out

When the sun came out it felt great on my fur! Too bad Driftwood didn’t get to experience it, MelT had locked him up in the house again.

Did any of my friends get to see Hurricane Harvey? Did you lose part of your roof like we did? Did it rain all day and all night and all day and all night and so forth? Do you think storms should have names? Do you think Driftwood should have tried coming out in the rain? Let me know in a comment!

7 comments to Hurricane Harvey

  • Jon

    I am happy to hear you survived the hurricane with little difficulty. I was worried about you and your family.

  • Ken Shaw

    That was great! Love the comments, Skipper! MelT has a nice setup for you, too.

  • Linda

    Those are some excellent questions, which I have no answers to. I think there wasn’t too much good about Hurricane Harvey, but you are cute watching the rain. Don’t be too hard on Driftwood. They are kind of famous for not liking rain!

  • Margaret

    Big storms should have names because it is easier to talk about them. When asked which storm took off part of your roof you can just say “Harvey” (very sorry to hear this and I hope the inside wasn’t damaged and you can get it fixed soon).
    When I want to talk about snowstorms that came when the leaves were still on the trees, I need to say “the October snowstorm” or “that snowstorm back in the spring in the late 90s that left me without power for 3 days and others for longer.” But it still beats dealing with a hurricane by a mile!!! I’m so glad you are OK.

  • Marc Borza

    Yeah I think it’s an odd tradition to give hurricanes names too. Do typhoons have names? I don’t know. But it is easier than say celestial names like Galaxy M3652 or something like that. Did you really lose a roof? Or watch corn blow away?

  • Judy

    So glad you,Mel T and all your animal friends are safe. Sorry about your roof. Yes all hurricanes have names so we can tell them apart. The next one due in this coming week is Irma. Praying for everyone in Texas, Louisiana and Montana (where the fires are destroying homes. Too bad Harvey couldnt make a quick stop there. Too help out then die out) . Love you . Stay safe

  • Misha

    You and Driftwood are so cute together! I love the picture of you two watching the storm 🙂

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