Visiting Jinxx, the baby capybara

Baby capybara with woman's feet wearing cat socks

Self portrait with Jinxx

A Melanie’s Mondays Post:

This “Melanie’s Mondays” thing is really not working out. They are NEVER on Monday. Still, we’re going with it. This week I’m posting about my recent visit with Jinxx Capybara Wren, also known as babyJinxx Capybara on FaceBook. He’s worth a follow if you aren’t following him already. His owner, Jackie, says he’ll always be a baby to her, even when he is the 170 lbs she is hoping he will reach.

Older woman snuggling a baby capybara

Nancy Ray snuggling with Jinxx

I owe my visit to my friend, Nancy Ray. She lives near me and if it weren’t for her willingness to travel untold miles to see a baby capybara, I never could have gone. Not being able to drive is the worst part of my vision loss.

Woman holding baby capybara and kissing his nose

Jackie with baby Jinxx

This is Jackie, Jinxx’s owner. She couldn’t love that little capy any more than she does. And Jinxx loves her, you can tell by the way he runs after her and cries at the door if he’s she goes out without him.

Woman holding baby capybara

Jackie and Jinxx

I got so many cute photos of Jackie and Jinxx that it is hard not to post all of them. This one gives you an idea of Jinxx’s size. He was about 11.5 pounds in this shot. He’s probably 12.5 now since it’s been a week. Capys his age grow like…well, like baby capybaras.

Woman in background watching a baby capybara walking

Nancy watching Jinxx

As you can see, there is absolutely no way NOT to love like Jinxx. Look at that face! Look at those cute little ears! And the nose! Oh, what part of a capybara is not cute?

Baby capybara swimming underwater in a pool

Jinxx swimming

Like all capybaras (except Skipper at this age), Jinxx loves to swim. In the wild, baby capys can swim within a day of being born. Luckily, Jinxx doesn’t have to worry about any Jaguars!

Woman playing with a baby capybara by leaning over the wall of an above ground pool

Jackie playing with Jinxx

If Jinxx really gets to 170 lbs, that pool is going to be too small for him. Way too small.

Baby capybara resting in the grass

Jinxx resting

Baby capybaras tire easily. Here baby Jinxx is resting his paws while building up energy for his next adventure.

Baby capybara playing with a Bambi

Jinxx and Bambi

One of Jinxx’s co-pets is Bambi, a little Chihuahua. Although Bambi the deer in the Disney movie is a boy, Bambi the Chihuahua is a girl. Jinxx is already slightly larger than Bambi, soon this size difference will be more noticeable.

Closeup of a Chihuahua sitting on a lawn chair

A portrait of Bambi

Well, that’s about it. I want to thank Nancy again for driving and Jackie for letting us visit and putting us up for the night. And thanks to Jackie’s husband, Jeff, and to her entire family for being so welcoming. It is always wonderful to meet other capybaras and their owners! And, Jackie, if you’re ever out my way, come on by!

So, what part of a capybara do you think is not cute? Or, if you can’t think of a not cute part, which part is cutest?

5 comments to Visiting Jinxx, the baby capybara

  • Jackie wren

    We had such a FANTASTIC time meeting and visiting with you and Nancy Ray!!! A treasured memory that will last a lifetime

  • Jackie wren


  • Nancy Ray

    We had such a wonderful time! I think about how much fun we had every day–and getting to visit Mary Lee and Amos was great! I can’t thank you and your family enough for giving us such a warm welcome.

  • Francine

    If I lived near you, we would visit all the capybaras! Perhaps we could introduce Skipper to the car!

  • Carl Hobi

    Glad you all got to meet Jinxx, I had the honor of meeting him a few months ago and my ferrets and I can’t wait to meet him and the entire family again, hopefully right around New Years. 🙂 Jinxx is the cutest little baby.

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