Oh, no! Snow!

Night terrors

A Skipper ROUS post:

I suppose most of my readers know Dobby Winnick. He is my BFF. But I’ve always thought he was “untruthful.” You know what I mean. One of the things I doubted was this thing he called snow. He said snow is flaked water that falls from the sky. Ridiculous. But then things are different on Washington Planet.

Tree snow

Weirdly, it turns out that snow is real, and it happens even here on Earth, and even in Buda. That is not a good thing. I found out that snow is both wet and cold. Wet is not bad but cold ruins it.

MelT says snow is pretty, but she doesn’t like it either. She made a big fire in our fireplace, which seemed dangerous and scary, but it was nice and warm.

Warm & snug in my bed

Being a capybara, I know how to make myself comfortable. Lying in bed with the warm sun on my back is probably the best thing ever…after eating corn. That is where I was when MelT decided she wanted to take a photo of me in the snow. Ha! She is the crazy one, not me! She should take a photo of herself in the snow!

Me “in” the snow

Can you see me in the snow?

The real story

The best MelT could do was take of photo of me with the reflection of snow on the window glass. You’ll note that she was the only one outside. The lower photo shows where I really was. I couldn’t even go out there to get my corn! Finally she put it on the porch, which was better but not ideal.

Snow nose

One of my horse co-pets, Phoenix, didn’t seem to mind the snow. She even got it on her nose and on her rump. It’s a good thing she doesn’t know about indoor heating or she’d be giving MelT a big bite!

A cold dinner

I am so, so, so very glad I am not a horse!

Visitors are welcome at our house, but you might want to come back later.

I am interested in how humans in other areas on Earth or on Washington deal with snow. Are there other planets with snow? Do the horses get heated houses on those planets? What about Dobby Winnick? How can he survive? And, even though he wasn’t lying about the snow, do you think you can trust him about other stuff? Enquiring capybaras want to know.

7 comments to Oh, no! Snow!

  • Judy

    Oh Skipper Rous! I am so sorry you had snow. I hate snow and I live in illinois where it snows every year.The problem with snow is when there is more than 2 inches. Driving or walking in it is very dangerous . Praying the snow you got melts soon. You were smart to stay inside where it is nice and warm.
    Love you Skipper Rous ❤❤

  • Debbie

    Hi Skipper! We had snow and my pupper Casey was very frisky and played in it. Only problem is he thinks he’s a lap dog. He has lots of fur so it was damp. Guess whose chair and lap he decided to snuggle on? That’s the bad part about snow. It melts and it’s very cold. Glad you got your corn anyway!

  • Stephanie Labbate

    We frequently get snow here on Planet NJ. It’s nice til you have to shovel it.

    I drove to Planet Pennsylvania where they had snow too -I was able to go there and get back safely.

  • Veruca Salt

    Awwww! Skipper!! I have a friend who keeps her capy inside during the cold months! He has his own room AND he has a pool in there!! It’s very warm and cozy and she even has a window he can gaze out of while he’s allllll snuggly. Don’t worry! Even those of us on planets with snow keep the capys safe!

  • Yasushi+Pirmin+Wolke (and their human Julia)

    Here on Planet Finland, we get snow every winter. Sometimes lots (our human says). And we’re in the south of Finland; in the north, there’s even more. Much more. Our human knows; she’s been there on holiday a few times. She says everything is white up there and there are reindeer, which apparently are soft and gentle and friendly like us guinea pigs but bigger than humans, and they live outside in the snow and eat the grass that’s under the snow! Can you believe that?

    As guinea pigs, we’re not allowed outside when there is snow. But our human shows it to us through the window. It looks… weird. Everything is all white and fluffy, but where’s the grass? How can the reindeer find it? They must be very clever. Or maybe foolhardy.

    Our human loves the snow. She says that if she were a dog (whatever that is), she’d be a lapphund (whatever THAT is). But Yasushi, who’s a year older than the rest of us, says she once brought a little snow in from outside and HE didn’t love it at all. It’s all wet and cold. You can’t even properly drink it.

    When our human opens a window, the air smells very nice, but it’s so COLD! Fortunately she has put a heating blanket under our cage. That feels nice.

    At this time of year, there is a lot of noise outside in the early mornings. Our human says that’s Uncle Groundskeeper with his snowplow, which apparently is a huge machine that he uses to fight and subdue the snow. Is snow that dangerous? It looks so harmless (but weird) (but harmless) from here… Then again, if snow is dangerous, that would explain why our human has to put on so much protective clothing in the morning when she leaves for work!

  • We get a bit of snow a few times each winter here in Oregon. I am convinced it’s a mean human trick and if you just walk far enough you’ll get past it to good weather. I’ve never managed it though. Tamandua can’t spend more than a few minutes in the cold. Now that I’m old I don’t even try. Maybe you can go for a long walk and find the end of the snow to prove this human conspiracy.

    I hear that in Alaska they have heaters in parking lots to put in car engines or they wont start when you come back because it’s so cold the cars don’t even like it, but that is another planet even farther away than WA. I have been to Canada once which is nearly as far but they had no snow(it was June).

  • There is nothing worse than snow. I don’t spend a lot of time indoors, but snow-time is nap-time. You have got that figured out already.

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