The Big Oh Three

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A Skipper Post:

Let’s talk about me, my favorite topic, and especially relevant today because today is my birthday! Yup, I am the big OH THREE. That’s 3 to you but I like to add another digit to make it seem more important. I was going to call it The Big Oh Oh Three, but MelT said that was going too far.

See me grow!

That photo collage above shows how I’ve grown over the years. It’s hard to believe I was so tiny. Or so thin! The older I get, the bigger I get. MelT says this is true of humans too, but maybe they don’t like it as much. MelT is trying to get older but smaller and that is not working out too well for her.

I want to thank all of my internet friends for donating to the ROUS Foundation as a present for me! We raised $58 for the Foundation! Good for us! And thank you to everyone who donated. Of course, it is not too late to donate now. Just use PayPal to transfer money to And speaking of weights, a lot of this money goes toward the purchase of scales so that owners can track the weight of their capybaras so they’ll know if they are healthy or not. That is how I know that I weigh 138 heavy pounds. I’m shooting for 150 by my 4th birthday. MelT says she hopes I don’t make it.

Speaking of gifts, MelT got me a gift this year. It is a bird feeder. What? What do I want with a bird feeder? I’ve already got chickens trying to eat all my corn. More birds seems like more trouble.

Pretty bird

MelT says I’ll like the new birds that come to our yard because they will be pretty. She has perhaps forgotten that I am color blind.

Messy eaters

I am hoping that the birds are messy eaters. Those sunflower seeds look pretty tasty. Actually, I know they are since MelT put a few in my oat bowl. I wish I could jump up high enough to knock the feeder down, but she put it way too high.


Some of the birds eat other stuff called suet. I smelled that and I don’t think I’m even going to give it a taste. Unless it falls to the ground, then I’ll have to take just a nibble. A tiny bite wouldn’t hurt, and who knows?

MelT gave me a gift that is much better than a bird feeder, extra corn! She even made up a little poem for me.

Skipper and Corn: A Love Affair

Skipper, if I give you corn,
Will you please watch your teeth?
I’ve told you your a herbivore,
You really can’t eat meat.
My fingers should stay on my hand,
I need them all to feed you.
How can I peel off the husks,
Though I don’t know why I need to.
Here’s another cob, don’t eat too fast!
I don’t believe you’re starving.
There’s only so much, make it last!

I don’t know what she is getting at.

Oh, by the way, Dobby Winnick’s birthday is in just one week! He will be nine on Valentine’s Day. It’s making my little capy heart throb! Of course he was born on Valentines Day, when else would he be? I’m going to give him my heart for his birthday present.

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