When Gari Was Three

A nose by any other name…

Melanie’s Post:

This post commemorates the third year of the life of Garibaldi Rous, World’s Silliest Capybara. I think you can see that he earned that title by looking at the photo above. Gari the Clown whose superpower was rolling, and rolling, and rolling.

Fame is a heavy burden

I made this fake cover for National Geographic Magazine as a joke. What a great idea though, huh? I bet that would sell a few copies. Oddly, Gari did eventually appear in National Geographic, although he didn’t get the cover. That actually did not turn out well

A face anyone could love

He was a seriously photogenic animal. Look at that face! Makes you want to bop his nose, doesn’t it?

A kissable nose…

There were times you might not have wanted to kiss his nose. But he still looked cute.

Selfie with Gari

That photo might be a little hard to understand. I took it with the camera underwater looking up at Gari and me.

Hello, Fresno!

Gari got along with everyone, not just because he was a capybara, but because that was who he was.

A perfect pair

Of course, Garibaldi and Flopsy were quite a cute pair. We tried to get Flopsy to swim with him but it was a no-go.

Birthday card

We went on a school visit where the kids had all made birthday cards for him. I think this one captured his personality pretty well.



I have absolutely no idea how this happened!

Gari and WBB1

Every superhero has to have a sidekick; Garibaldi Rous had Winston Bumblebee Barcode the First.

Gari waving

I’m going to close this blog post now. Those of you who followed us know that Garibaldi had dental issues throughout the last year of his life. I haven’t shown anything related to that. It is even more painful for me to think about now that I know that it would eventually kill him, than it was at the time. He died just shy of his fourth birthday. I will miss him forever.

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