Pool People

Me and MelT

Okay, okay already! I admit I was wrong about the pool. It is the best thing ever! And I’m not the only one to think so. Ever since I got my pool, people have been beating a path to it. They all want to go swimming with me. Of course, I swim with MelT the most since she lives here. That’s why I started this post with a photo of the two of us in the water. Normally, I don’t post photos of Melt for ethical reasons, but I’m making an exception in this case.

Pool kisses

I don’t often let people kiss my nose when I am on land. The water is a different story. I feel so safe in the pool. MelT says I am a different (and she always adds “better”) animal. In the photo above, I am letting our neighbor Alley kiss me.

Me and Alley

Soemtimes I might get a little too excited. Turns out people don’t exactly like for me to use them as a kick-off platform. Who knew?

Nancy hogging the noodles

One of my favorite people to swim with is Nancy. I wish she would come every day! And she brought me my first noodles, before I even knew I liked them or that they can be trained. You can see that Nancy is not every good at handling noodles herself. I am going to have to train her, too.

Me with Woody

Woody is Nancy’s husband (that means mate in human-speak). He brought me my fancy noodles with pictures on them, including my favorite pink unicorn noodle.

Whose nose is bigger?

MelT’s friend, Carol, came to visit for a few days. She went swimming with me every day. I have heard that Caplin did not like long-term visitors, but I think it’s nice. Gives us a chance to get to know each other better. Of course, there are probably people I don’t want to get to know better, but luckily, I haven’t met any of them yet.

A pool threesome

Carol’s niece came over one day. She’s a kid, that’s a young human or a goat. At first I thought she might be a goat, but her feet didn’t look right. Kids are more energetic than adult humans. She was a lot of fun in the pool. She can come back anytime!

Me and Lauren

The niece’s father is named Lauren. He came too. Kid humans aren’t allowed to be alone so a parent is always with them. That must be nice. MelT abandons me sometimes and it is hard to forgive her for that.

Lauren had hair on his face. A lot of hair! And not the kind that dries quickly when you get out of the water. I wonder if he noticed how the hair on my face is nice and short. I hope so.

I haven’t had my pool for very long but I’ve already had a bunch of visitors. I wonder who will come next. Are you planning on visiting me? MelT says you have to do it in the summer or the water will be too cold for humans. If it’s too cold for humans, won’t it be too cold for capybaras? MelT says I’ve already been through three winters so I should remember how cold they are. But I don’t.

4 comments to Pool People

  • Jon

    I’m happy you are enjoying your pool so much. It must be nice to keep cool in the water. I hope someday I can swim with a capybara, but that won’t be easy. I don’t now any capybaras, and I don’t know how to swim. 🙂

  • MicheleM

    You’re having so much fun swimming!!! I’m so happy you are enjoying your pool. If I lived closer I would ❤❤❤ to swim with you!!

  • Judy

    I am so excied for you Skipper that you are enjoying your pool and allowing humans to seim in your pool with you! So glad you re enjoying your noodles while you are playing in your pool. The unicorn noodle is adorable. I also collect unicorns. One of these days I would love to come and visit you and Melanie and spend time playing with you in your pool. Love you Skipper Rous!! Be your awesome self and love these humans that come to visit you! ❤❤❤

  • Stephanie

    You have SO many good pool people and kids/goats

    This is a VERY funny blog – keep up the good work! Hope to hear lots more about your adventures this summer. I would luv to come swim with you.

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