Summer Vacation

Summer fun

I am really getting into this summer thing. I don’t remember it happening before, but MelT says this is my fourth summer. The other three must not have been as fun.

Enjoying the sun

MelT doesn’t enjoy the sun as much as I do. I guess we capybaras are made for sunshine and clear waters. Well, maybe the water doesn’t have to be clear. But it helps. I want to see any anacondas that might be lurking in there.

I know, I know, I am not a big fan of daylight. Summer daylight is different. It’s the same old, same old during the morning and afternoon, during the evening the normal sun is displaced by a… a different sun. A sun I like better. I still don’t go out during the day, but during the long day, I can go swimming and even graze a bit.

This is a vacation?

Theoretically, the horses went on vacation also. In fact, they even left the property and were hauled away in a big box thing. The same thing that took me to the vet that one time I had to go because of the plastic getting stuck in my teeth. That was no great experience, I can tell you that! A bad start to a “vacation” for sure.

And then look! Do you see that MelT is up on top of Phoenix? That looks like work, especially since MelT weighs as much as two normal humans. Nancy is riding a horse named Duelen. I don’t know him but I’d say he isn’t having any better vacation than Phoenix is.

Into the sunset

Off they go! I hope they come back some day. Even though I don’t see them much, I do miss them. Sometimes they go running around outside my yard, thundering hooves and all that. Okay, it scares me a little, but I still miss them.

Horse hotel or prison?

I can’t believe that MelT thinks prison is a vacation for the horses! Chesapeake doesn’t look too unhappy though. Probably she is thinking that at least MelT is riding her!

Are you on vacation? What are you doing? Who do you think is having a better time, me or the horses? Is it fair that MelT keeps the horses behind bars?

5 comments to Summer Vacation

  • Ken Shaw

    You just get to kick back, so I think your vacation is better than the horses..they have to work!

  • Judy

    Your vacation is more appealing to me. But I think tge horse’s are enjoying their vacation since they like to run to run anf frolic in tge grass. The stalls are for their protection . It helps them feel safe. Hope you enjoy your vacation!

  • Dawn

    Skipper!! Do not make disparaging comments about MelT’s weight. MelT looks great. Apologize at once.

  • rosenatti

    It always starts with a harness, Muddy.

  • Nancy Ray

    Dawn is correct. Skipper, apologize at once! MelT looks great on her horse, and we’re having so much fun riding. It’s lots of fun to be in your pool with you, too! Summer is great fun for us all now.

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