Knew Moan Ya

Something happened to me last month that kept me from writing any blog posts. You should watch the video above to prepare yourself.

Watch this second video, too. You’re going to want some cute to get ready for this.

Okay, ready? Don’t skip the videos! Maybe go back and watch them again.

Okay, now are you really ready?

One day, about late August, I was out grazing in my yard when something very, very painful happened in my little mouth. I’m not just saying my mouth is little to be cute, I really do have a little mouth. Except when I yawn or try to bite. Then I have a huge mouth with giant teeth. But enough of that.

So, like I said, I was grazing when something painful happened in my mouth! I tried to spit it out, but capybaras aren’t good at spitting. It just kept hurting and hurting. After a while, it hurt some more. MelT said maybe it was a scorpion. I don’t know what my mouth was thinking, but it started making all of this slimy saliva that drooled all over the place. It was disgusting.

By the next day, my mouth still hurt and it still thought saliva was the way to go. I had to sleep with my head hanging off the bed or I would have drowned in my own drool! That is not a good way to go, let me tell you! And I couldn’t eat. I tried but all that saliva made my food slimy and it kept getting stuck in my mouth or just falling out as a messy blob. I didn’t even want my corn. Worse than that, I could hardly drink my milk!

You cannot imagine my pain and suffering. And this went on for days! At least a week (although MelT says it was only four days.) Finally, MelT called a vet to come out to our house to see me. I hate vets. I’ve only seen one before and I had to go in a horrible hot horse trailer to get there. At least this time the vet came to me.

I jumped up on my window seat, which is where I go whenever anything scary happens, but the vet found me. I was actually already feeling better and hardly drooling at all, but MelT said I still had to see him. He sat on the window seat next to me and started poking around in my mouth. I did’t even bite him! I am such a good capybara. I hope MelT appreciates that, but I don’t think she does.

After he looked at my teeth, the vet said they are growing just fine, nothing to worry about there. I didn’t have any cavities or anything. And there were no cuts or swelling in my mouth. I could have told them that because I already wasn’t drooling. But…

The vet listened to my lungs. Those are the things where the air goes when you breathe. He said one of my lungs sounded wrong! I had knew moan ya! Or maybe it’s new moan ya. I don’t know, spelling is not one of my strengths. Melt said it is spelled pneumonia, but that is just crazy. Either way, knew moan ya is bad. The knew moan ya came from all of that drool in my mouth. I breathed some of it in and it made an infection in my lungs. I had to start taking medicine. The vet and then MelT put the medicine in my milk. Since my mouth wasn’t all drooly any more, I drank it right up.

The next day started out okay. I even got some morning milk. That had never happened before. By the afternoon I didn’t feel so well. I slept even more than normal. MelT had to bring my milk into the bedroom and feed me on the bed. I only drank a little. The next day I felt even worse. I didn’t eat anything and only drank my milk a little bit at a time. MelT said I had to drink it because it had the medicine in it. It was hard.

For the next week, I tried doing normal things. I went in the pool with MelT and let her hold me but I didn’t feel like swimming. I walked around and took a few bites of grass here and there. I ate a little corn. Mostly I slept while MelT hugged me.

After a whole month, that MelT claims was only a week, I started feeling a little better. I still had to drink my milk in bed a little bit at a time, but I walked around more and ate some corn.

A few days later I was pretty much back to my loveable, healthy self. Sadly, MelT has stopped giving me morning milk now that I don’t need any medicine. I lost ten pounds that MelT says I will gain back. I’m not sure I don’t like my thinner, more streamlined form. It is better for swimming.

A healthy me

P.S. I don’t ever want to get sick again, morning milk or not.

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