Caplin Day 2019

My Caplin Day popsicle

I can’t believe it is Caplin Day again already! Wow, the year went by really fast. Maybe that’s because  I haven’t been posting like I said I would for my New Year’s resolution. I guess I’m not the first capybara to fail to keep one of those.

Pool treat

Caplin Day is also known as Capybara Appreciation Day. We celebrate it on July 10th because that is Caplin Rous’ birthday. He would be 11 years old today. One of Caplin’s favorite foods was popsicles, that’s why popsicles are a traditional Caplin Day treat. I am not a huge fan of them so I just ate a little for the photo-op.

Swimming, rolling, and sleeping are also good Caplin Day festivities. Unlike the noisy celebrations humans like (I’m talking about you July 4th!), capybaras prefer a subdued affair with family and close friends. MelT and I celebrated alone this year. I guess that is about as subdued as it gets. Unless I had to celebrate alone, but then who would feed me my popsicle and that the pictures?

Let me know if any of you had a fun Caplin Day!


3 comments to Caplin Day 2019

  • Francine Rossi

    I celebrated Caplin Day by sleeping, as usual! I wish I had a nice pool to swim in, but not everyone is as lucky as you are! I got these rocket three color popsicles that my mom asked for but she really wanted the giant ones that you can only get from a good humor truck.

  • Stephanie Labbate

    I didn’t have any popsicles …so I took a nap for Caplin Day ❤️

  • Beverly Boher

    On Caplin Day, I had to work, but at least I got to do it from home. I also didn’t have any popsicles. The most fun I had was posting all of my Caplin Day memories on Facebook!

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