Acting Like a Cat

I am a fastidious capybara

I am a fastidious capybara


People are always asking Melly if I am “house trained.” What is up with that? How rude can you be! I often contemplate asking them right back. If their manners are so poor it is quite possible that they are not house trained! But obviously I am too gentile a capybara to dignify such a question by remarking on it. (In case you are wondering but not so rude as to actually ask, you can learn about my toilet habits by reading my blog post Privacy Please!) Continue reading “Acting Like a Cat” »

Privacy PLEASE!



Well, this is embarrassing. Smelly (she deserves that name!) says that people are always asking about my bathroom habits. What is up with that? I don’t ask about theirs. It is rude, that’s what. Rude, plain and simple.

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Capybara on the Counter

Me on the bathroom counter

It’s been really hot this summer and so that means I’ve been spending a lot of time in my swimming pool. But sometimes five hours a day just isn’t enough and I feel like I need a bath in the morning too. I’m sure you’ve all seen my bathtub video, right?

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