A Star is Born

Good morning, Starshine!

I don’t like to brag but sometimes I just have to. You remember when I posted about being filmed for a top-secret project? Well, the time has come to reveal the secret to the whole world. I am going to be on TLC’s “My Crazy Obsession” on March 28 at 10:30 pm, 9:30 Central.

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Strange Days

Everything's strange when you're a stranger

It is a strange new world I find myself in, very strange and very new, but the world is my playground and I’m in the mood to play!

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20/20 Update

Hiding under the covers to avoid the paparazzi

I am going to be on 20/20 tomorrow night, that’s October 15th. I hope everyone gets a chance to watch it. Drop me a comment and tell me who you think is cuter, me or that bison?

Here are a couple of links about the show: