Inside Inside Edition

I’m shy

A Skipper Post:

Do you see me in that photo above? No? Well, I am hiding underneath that blanket. MelT says I still look cute, even when she can’t see me. I guess that’s true because the people from Inside Edition thought I was cute, too. That’s right! I am now a bonafide TV star! This post is going to give you an inside look at filming for Inside Edition.

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Garibaldi Rous

Garibaldi Rous

I don’t know how many of you are thinking that it is too early for me to have another capybara. You’re right. I am not over the loss of Caplin Rous by a long shot. I cry every time I think about him. Your cards, your notes, your comments and your donations to his charity all help but they also remind me of how much I miss him. So when Justin from Kapi’yva Exotics wrote me and said he would move me to the top of his list for a baby capybara, I thanked him for his generous offer but said no, at least not now.

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Capitol Capybara

Kimiko-san gave me a popsicle in the car

This is a long story because it was a long (but glorious!) day. I’m going to start at the beginning and hopefully you will stick with me to the end.

The photo above shows me with my favorite Japanese stalker, Kimiko-san, aka @CapybaraCamera on twitter and Facebook, feeding me a popsicle in the car. Do you have any idea how hard it is to eat a popsicle while standing in a moving vehicle?

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