Hyacinths and Capybaras

A Brazilian capybara walking through some water hyacinths

It’s true that humans are always messing up ecosystems. They bring in new pests or plants or they drain swamps or divert rivers. Generally they really mess things up. But here’s an article about humans maybe doing something good for a change! Wouldn’t a wild population of capybaras in California be wonderful? And Melly knows we will eat water hyacinths because she saw some of my wild cousins chowing down on them in Brazil.

Thanks to Sharla Hardy for this great link.

Capybara Adventure

The brave little capybara (not)

If you’ve been reading my blog for long, you know that I am not a very brave capybara. I get nervous even when we go on a walk on the dirt road that leads to our house. You can see how pouffy I am in the above photo. Poufiness is a general purpose capybara response, it could mean we are afraid or excited or happy. Whatever. In that photo, it means I am nervous.

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