My Fame Stretches to 30 minutes

Me with Neptune

Me with Neptune

Against all odds, my famosity has extended beyond the run-of-the-mill 15 minute variety. I dare say I have achieved a full 30 minutes! This is great because as Capybara Ambassador it is my job to let people know about us capybaras, including how cute and how smart we are. I am being super successful at that, not that I like to brag. I had a whole bunch of articles written about me this month, too many to put links to all of them so these are just some highlights. The photo of me with Neptune was one of the most popular photos used. I can understand why because we sure look cute together.

The LA Times

Planeta Bizzaro (in Brazil)

The Telegraph (in the UK)

EToday (in Russian!)

PEOPLEPets and

HLN.BE (Belgium)

I did a video segment for KENS5 in San Antonio, Texas

Here’s an article on about me in Czech!

Here is an article about me in Pets Best Newsroom. Question is, why did they use a photo of some other capybara? That is not me.

I even got a dumb reference from the comedian, Dave Barry. Not sure I like those comments.

And wow! Look, here’s an article about me in Thai!

There were more, including one in a newspaper in Hong Kong that I couldn’t get a link to. So you can see that I am Capybara Ambassador Extraordinaire!

I want to thank Linda Lombardi of the Associated Press. She started this whole thing rolling with her article about me. Thanks Linda!





Planeta Bizzaro(ブラジル)

The Telegraph(イギリス)


PEOPLEPets and



Pets Best Newsroomの記事にも僕のことが。だけど、どうして他のカピバラの写真なの?これは僕じゃないんだけど。

Dave Barryはまぬけな引用をしている。あんまり好きじゃないなあ。




The Wild Life

Wild capybaras with caiman (photo by Coral Waters)

Wild capybaras with caiman (photo by Coral Waters)

I think humans are romantics. They have dreamy visions of the world. Fantasies based only loosely on reality. I think this because so many people comment that I would be better off in the wild. If I could actually speak human, I would tell them that they would be better off in the wild.

I’m not saying that all capybaras should be pets. In some ways I do envy my wild cousins. I’d like to be free to travel far and wide. To swim the languorous Amazon. To graze grassy meadows stretching as far as the eye can see. To lie with a band of my family and friends under the scant shade of bushes in the heat of the day. It sure sounds great.

But see that photo at the top of this post? That is a young caiman with a couple of adult capys. Caiman are like alligators. That one is too small to hurt those capys and they all know it. But it could catch a baby capybara and eat it. Or it’s larger friends could even threaten those adult capys.

And caiman aren’t the only dangers that lurk in the water.

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Wild capybaras with caiman (photo by Coral Waters)






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Blancanieves exploring with her brother


クリスマスに生まれた、白いカピバラのことを覚えてる?その子はボリビアで生まれたといっちゃったけど、本当は違ってて、ウルグアイのムボピクア飼育場で生まれたんだって。飼い主のフアン・ビラルバ-マシアスが手紙をくれて、間違いに気がついたんだ。その子は元気に育ってて、皆でみられるようにその写真も送ってくれたんだよ。 (続く)

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