Dobby(e) Trip: Part 4


Prince Dobalob

This whole Dobby trip is taking a long time to relate. I’d say it’s about four times as long in blog posts as it was in real life! I guess that’s just how big a star Dobby is. Today’s post finishes up the whole adventure by covering his swimming pool exploits and the sudden deterioration of our relationship, as well as a bit of Seattle tourism. Continue reading “Dobby(e) Trip: Part 4” »

Dobby(e) Trip: Part 3

Here comes Dobby!

Here comes Dobby!

In this post we will continue our exploration of Dobby’s habitat. As you’ll recall, in Part 2 we focused on the backyard. In this post we’ll finish up some stuff in the back and then move to the front yard. Continue reading “Dobby(e) Trip: Part 3” »

Dobby(e) Trip: Part 2

Dobby Winnick

Dobby Winnick

Finally I am getting around to posting about my visit with Dobby(e) Winnick.

Let me start by explaining his name. Dobby’s real name is Dobby but some people know him as Dobbye. This is because he has a Facebook page and Facebook refuses to allow him to name himself Dobby. So his name on Facebook is Dobbye Winnick. He also has a Facebook page for Prince Dobalob. You can look him up. Or visit his blog, Pet Capybara. Continue reading “Dobby(e) Trip: Part 2” »