Memorable Memorial Day

Sunset at Capybara Creek

This was a long weekend here in the US, something called “Memorial Day.” It’s supposed to honor veterans and soldiers killed in the service of this country. I guess that sounds like a good idea, I mean those people are real heroes, but wouldn’t a better idea be not to have any wars? Maybe if everyone just took it easy they way they do on Memorial Day weekend all the time, we wouldn’t need a Memorial Day. Or at least we wouldn’t have to keep remembering new people. We should probably go ahead and remember all the people who already served and died. Just my humble capybara opinion.

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The Lowdown on the Hoedown

Me with my owner and the Rustlers

Well this is it, the long-awaited second half of the story about my trip to the Texas Rustlers’ Guinea Pig Hoedown! Sorry it has been so long in coming. Laziness is my only excuse. That and my owner was sick and my computer got a virus and my blog was hacked and Coral and Carl were living with us and using the computer all the time. But basically, I was lazy. I don’t want you to think that means that the hoedown wasn’t great fun, it surely was. Let me tell you all about it.

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Some things I am not


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