A Visit From Flospy


Flopsy in the Bookshelf

I hope you all remember my friend cat, Flopsy. I met him back in September and wrote a blog post about it. Back then he was called Stripe. Well, Flopsy is one of my best friends now. He comes to visit me all the time, although to be honest, he might like Bakersfield more than me.

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The Tale of My Tail


Rear view capybara

Let’s talk tails. The first thing to ask yourself is, do capybaras even have a tail to talk about? The answer is a resounding YES! And a somewhat less resounding no.

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Leash Me Not

Die, leash, die!

You may remember that I blogged recently about my very first swim in Capybara Creek. Well, I’ve been going swimming in the creek several times per week ever since then. I absolutely LOVE it! It is the most fun a capybara could have. But, again, I am not loving that leash I have to wear when I swim in the creek. In the photo above, you can see how I attempted to sever my earthly bonds and commit myself to the aquatic realm. I know, I have such a cute look in my eye that it is hard to see my anger. Trust me, it is there.

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What I Am Not: An Agouti


Why did the agouti cross the road?

One of the animals we capybaras are most often confused with is an agouti. Agoutis are rodents and their range overlaps with the range of capybaras but we are not the same animal. In the photo above you can see a Panamanian agouti running. In the photo you can see some of the ways we look the same and some of the ways we look different.

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