Very Inspiring Bloggers

Guess what? I was recently nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award by Candice Hoff, who writes a very inspiring blog herself, Candice’s Compendium of Curiosities. I cannot tell you how flattered I am! I am really not trying to inspire anyone, just to educate and entertain, which is hard enough. Maybe too hard for a capybara. So I am humbled by the nomination and I thank Candice from the bottom of my capy heart. Please follow the link to her blog and give her a shout-out for me!

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Melly & Hurricane Irene

Owner’s blog:

Blog Pawsers posing with Hurricane Irene

You might recall that I was in Washington D.C. for the Blog Paws conference. The timing couldn’t have been better. I got there the day after they had their largest earthquake in 100 years and I left on the day Hurricane Irene barreled through. Surprisingly, the conference was still a big success.

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