Music for Rodents

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I am working on a blog post about my second stalker. I am sure they are disappointed in how long it is taking me. Well, I’m just a baby after all.

In the meantime look at this incredible video! Have your rodents watch it too. And keep your eyes open for Capycopy and Supercapy!

Contest: How to Draw a Capybara

How to draw a capybara

I saw a similar tutorial for drawing a cat on Facebook and decided to make one on how to draw a capybara. Of course, I’m not a very good artist so this is not such a great tutorial but I suppose it is better than nothing.

So here’s my new contest!

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The Price of Cuteness – Part 1

Me, Jim Perry and Hillary

I am a capybara. I am cute. I have to get used to it. There is nothing I can do about it. But it comes with a cost and that cost is visitors fawning over me, feeding me, scratching and petting me, giving me treats and hugging me. The only one of those things I don’t like is hugging. Capybaras don’t like to be hugged, it reminds us of anacondas.

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Rodent Robber (Part II: The Rat)

Gari and Bakersfield on the porch

When the weather is nice, Melly, Bakersfield, the rabbits and I like to chill out on the front porch. The rabbits usually keep their distance, some complaint they have about me chasing them. And Melly sits in a chair. But Bakersfield and I spend some real quality time.

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Say What?

Time for a new contest!

Are you wondering what the title of this post means? Well, you can thank Lynn Marcotte for this great definition:

capitalisms — words used to describe capybaras (entry #1)

And that is what this contest is about: words used to describe capybaras!

To enter the contest think up a real word or make up a word and then provide a definition for it that involves capybaras. Another example is:

Capture: noun: the experience, anticipated by some fundamentalist Christian capybaras, of meeting capy-Christ midway in the air upon his return to earth. (entry #2)

That one was provided by Brian Weisel.

As with all my contests, the readers are the judges.

Contest Rules:

  1. Post your entry as a comment
  2. Must be kid-friendly, no profanity and nothing vulgar or inappropriate!
  3. Enter as many times as you like
  4. Contest starts now and closes Nov. 13th at midnight, central time.
  5. Voting will be from Nov. 14th through Nov. 21st
    • I will put up a poll on the right side bar of this blog for voting
    • The poll will go up on Nov. 15th.


Use the poll in the RIGHT SIDE BAR to vote!