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Me on Yahoo!

Me on Yahoo!

This was a big week for me. My owner’s interview with Linda Lombardi of the Associated Press came out. Here’s a link to it on the ABC News but that is not the only place it appeared. Here are some links to other incarnations of it.

Here’s a slide show of the photos on MySA (I think that is My San Antonio).

Here I am honored to be an Animal Cracker!

This is the same article without the photos (which is lame) on

Here it is on I wonder if that is New York state. NY is not a very rodent friendly state. They have all kinds of laws against us.

This is a short blog someone wrote about me after reading the AP article. Kind of cute, really. I like it when people are really surprised and excited to find out about capybaras.

I also got a “Call Back” from the nice folks Urlesque for groundhog’s day. Thanks!

Here’s a kind-of fun post that asks whether a photo of me is real or fake. You can never trust the internet but I seem to remember posing with my owner for that photo.

And if you look at the photo at the top of this post, you can see that I made the top two most emailed photos on Yahoo! How cool is that?

Maybe the biggest thing I did was a short appearance of still photos from the AP article on CNN’s Rick’s List show on Tuesday. I don’t think that’s available on the web but if you follow any of the other links, you’ll see the photos. I didn’t like Rick Sanchez’s comments though because he mispronounced Buda and Capybara and he said some things that were just inappropriate and thoughtless.

In case you didn’t know, I am an ambassador for capybaras world-wide. I do my best to teach people about us so that they will love us and protect us. Also so they may be more open minded about all rodents. Some people don’t like rats even though they are very cute and smart. Or maybe they are scared of mice, although it is hard to see how a mouse could hurt a human. But if they learn about capybaras, they might think differently about all rodents.

I wonder how many people learned about capybaras from this just this week alone? A lot, I’m guessing. So you’d think maybe I would get some kind of bonus or award. Maybe a little something extra in the way of treats. Well guess again.

Going down the slide to get frozen blueberries.

Going down the slide to get frozen blueberries.

See that photo above? That’s just one of the things my owner made me do to earn a few (delicious) frozen blueberries.


And she made me get on this little stool. I even had to stand on my hind legs on that thing. Seriously, it was humiliating.

Begging for Blueberries

Begging for Blueberries

She made me use my cutest begging face and then claimed we were “out of blueberries.” I’ve heard that before. I bet there were still some in the freezer.

I’ll be honest, I really don’t think my owner appreciates me. I am doing an outstanding job of being both a pet and an ambassador but, well, she’s not what you’d call a top-ranking owner. I wonder if I should trade up?