Return of the Tatars

The most beautiful plate in the world!

Skipper’s Post:

This post is a long time coming since my friends from Tatarstan were here at the end of March, but times have been busy. Anyway, look at the truly amazing plate they gave me! I didn’t know that capybaras were so popular in Tatarstan. But of course we are; to know us is to love us. The capy in the center is brilliant, but the design on the rim is also very unique. It is a traditional Tatar pattern. Really beautiful. Continue reading “Return of the Tatars” »

Carpincho’s New Year

Me with Carpincho

Me with Carpincho

The photo above shows me with my little stuffed capybara friend Carpincho. Carpincho means capybara in Spanish. That’s kind-of funny because Carpincho was born in England and now lives in Russia! He’s a world citizen capybara.

Carpincho lives with my friend Lina in Moscow. The two of them made this excellent slide show of their winter holiday and I just had to show it to all my fans. I hope you enjoy it. If you do, I’m sure Lina would love to read comments from you, so please post your impressions.