Teeny Tiny Toads

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Teeny tiny tadpoles

Skipper’s post:

You may remember that in MelT’s post about  Pondering, she included a video that showed the 12,000 teeny tiny tadpoles that swam with me. That’s the video link above. You should watch the video! The tadpoles are at the end but it’s not very long and the part about me is the best anyway. Well, guess what! Now I have teeny tiny toads!

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Capybara Comic (Part 3)

Me (and Rick) with Nic Lara

Do you remember this photo of me from when I visited the Buda Public Library? Well, that very helpful and non-frightening young man who is petting me is Nic Lara. Nic is an amazing person and a serious capybara stalker, especially for one so young. And he is also a graphic artist!

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Comic Capybara (Part 2)

Nic Lara, me and my owner in July

Some of you may remember that my good friend Nic Lara gave me a variety of wonderful gift for my third birthday. He gave me that gorgeous orange bandanna, a tasty tub of spinach and an amazing comic strip about me and a toad named Berman. Well, the comic, done by Nic himself, was only the first installment of the story. I am so happy to tell y’all that Nic has sent me Part 2!

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