Five Favorite Giant Pets That Live in Houses

Once in a while there is a list, a category, a conglomeration of things that just screams “YOU!” This is the exact feeling I had when I heard about Urlesque’s Five Favorite Giant Pets That Live in Houses. Come on! How could that not include me?

I have to say, there was some stiff competition. I mean a hippo is a gigantic beast and certainly not expected in a human house. Same with a moose; they are surprisingly large creatures. When I saw the others, I breathed deeply, and felt a shiver of fear that I might not be worthy of the list after all.

But I did make it! Check out their short introductory video and then follow the links to the longer videos about each pet. Interesting stuff. Makes me look commonplace.


My owner and I are in Jeff VanderMeer’s debt AGAIN! Seriously, if he hadn’t had that dream about a capybara, I don’t know where we’d be now. Well, okay, we’d be just where we are but not nearly so many people would know it.

So here’s a link to Jeff’s appearence on Sofanauts, a Science Fiction/Fantasy writers podcast. He gives this site as one of his two link picks and, near the end of the program, discusses how unique and wonderful an animal I am. Then he makes a very funny comment about anipals, especially guinea pigs.