CONTEST! Putting Caplin Rous in My Life

Elly Fox, Dim Dim Dim and Me

Entry #0: Elly Fox "Capy Paradise"

My FaceBook friend, Elly Fox, made this great photo of me standing with her and her boyfriend Dim Dim Dim (weird name but sometimes you just can’t explain humans).

I really like that photo. It makes me think I could be with all of my friends. Wouldn’t that be great? Well, maybe I can’t do it in real life but I can do it in Photoshop. So I am making my first Contest. Let me explain the rules.


And the Winners Are:

  1. Entry #40: Caplin & Dalai Lama, Angelica Clemmer
  2. Entry #9: Holding Up the Monument, Issac
  3. Entry #11: Kissing with a Walrus, Maude Perreault

I need for the winners to send me their physical addresses in an email so I can send them their prizes.

If you ask me, everyone was a winner, even those that didn’t enter, because the entries were all so cute, inventive and entertaining. I really loved seeing me in all those different places with all those different people! Thanks everyone!

1st, 2nd and 3rd all get the same prize, a mug from my CafePress shop. Here’s what it looks like.

Prize Mug!

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